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We are pleased to report that Conor Mathers of Brightlingsea has been selected to play in the Essex County Middleton Cup team in their match against Bedfordshire on Saturday 2nd June at Essex County B.C. 

The Tendring and North Essex bowlers congratulate Conor on his selection.


                                                                       BRANTHAM BOWLS CLUB 




                                                               OPEN TRIPLES TOURNAMENT 

                                                               IN MEMORY OF LIONEL AIREY

                                                               IN AID OF PROSTATE CANCER UK

                                                                           SPONSORED BY 


                                                         SHARP MAINTENANCE SERVICES


                                                                     Saturday 18th August

                                                                           10.00 am start

                                              Dress code, Greys and whites (Bowls England shorts can be worn)

                                                                         PRIZE MONEY £200

                                                                    Entry fee £15 per person

                                                                           (Lunch Included)

                                                              please advise dietary requirements


                                                               (Draw prizes would be most welcome)

                                   There will be 4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 1 point for every winning end

                                      ENTRY FORM CAN BE DOWNLOADED ON THE COMPETITIONS PAGE


                                                                PLEASE CLICK ON LINK BELOW 



                                                             FURTHER DETAILS  PLEASE CONTACT  

                                          Margaret Hastings, 80 Defoe Rd, Ipswich IP1 6SD – Tel: 01473 744589



                                                                    Tendring Hundred & District Bowling Association

                                                                           General League & Cup Rules


At the 2017 AGM the Management Committee were asked to review the

General League & Cup Rules that refer to postponed matches.

At the EGM/Delegates Meeting on 12th April 2018, with a small amendment made to the proposed Rule 8b, the following changes to Rule 6 and Rule 8 were approved. The rules become effective immediately.

Note : Changes shown in italic.

Rule 6. Matches not Played

If a match is not played both clubs must inform the League Secretary immediately.

Unless an acceptable reason is given (see Rule 8a) the offending club will receive

a 10 point penalty and allow the opposing club to claim maximum points and 30

shots. The claim by the opposing club must be made immediately by phone or

email to the League Secretary and a match result card, with their named players

included, sent to the League Secretary. Failure to claim the points and send a

match result card will result in no points being awarded. Should any club

withdraw from any league during the season, results of matches with that club

will be deleted.

Rule 8. Postponement or Abandonment :

a). Teams must adhere to the dates agreed as fixtures, no postponements or

abandonment being allowed, except on account of : i). Adverse weather

conditions, ii). Insufficient daylight, iii). Unfit green.

No postponement will be allowed because of any team shortage – Rule 6 is applied.

If a club are forced to rearrange a scheduled fixture every effort must be made to

play the match early, before the scheduled date. In the case of an emergency

postponement (ie whole team sickness, travel problems etc) the club can request

a change of fixture date with the League Secretary

b). The decision for postponement or abandonment from the above causes (8a – i, ii

& iii) will be at the discretion of the Home Team Captain, in conjunction with

the visiting Captain. A postponed or abandoned match must be rearranged

immediately and played within 21 days. The TH League Secretary must be

notified of any rearranged matches immediately, by both clubs.

c). Any match abandoned after 12 or more ends have been completed (on each rink)

will be deemed a completed match and points will be awarded as per Rule 4.

d). When a match is abandoned when less than 12 ends are completed on all rinks,

the match will be rearranged and restarted as stated in Rule 8b.

e). A player can not play in a rearranged match if he has taken part in the

corresponding Premier, Stanford, ’A’ team or ‘B’ team match, including the

Windsor League.

f). All rearranged league games must be completed before the last fixture in that

league programme. Failure to do so will make the result of the game null & void.

The only exception will be if the last league fixture failed to take place because

of poor weather in which case an extension would be allowed and the result

would stand.



                                                       PARKESTON BOWLS CLUB ( 1929/ 2017 )

We are very sorry to report the sad news that Parkeston Railway Bowls Club Have Now Closed down. At their recent General Meeting the members reluctantly agreed that they were unable to continue with dwindling membership and lack of green maintenance help.

Parkeston Railway were founded in 1929 and joined the Tendring Hundred League in 1933. With them in the league at that time were Brightlingsea, Frinton Queens, Frinton Town, Elmstead Market, Walton –on- Naze & Wivenhoe.

Parkeston soon became a very active and competitive club winning the league in 1938. There was then a wartime break and a post war period when the club facility had to be rebuilt. Parkeston came back strongly with players winning the County Pairs in 1950 and there membership grew.

The club have continued to give support to the Association with members on Association committees and holding the position of Association President in 1987 and in 1997.

We thank them for that support and hope that their members can find membership at other outdoor clubs.

Their last league match was last Thursday 7th September in the Windsor League when they entertained Kirby B.C. and won by 6 points to 4. A photograph of the final Parkeston team together with a Parkeston/Kirby team photo is Shown below

Thank you Parkeston Railway Bowls Club members.